50th Anniversary Festival

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

2021 sees 50 years of the Population Geography Research Group, a momentous occasion. In celebration, the Population Geography Research Group will host a festival of events, running between August and September of 2021. Details of the activities can be found here. Over the next few months, check back to see more details of the activities presented below.

Webinar: Celebrating 50 years of PopGRG

This event forms part of the PopGRG 50th Anniversary Festival. Aimed at an academic audience, the purpose of the event is to:

  • Document the contributions, foci and practices of 50 years of the Research Group
  • Encourage debate on the research agenda for Population Geography
  • Raise the profile of Population Geography within and beyond the sub-discipline and UK
  • Inspire a broader engagement with PopGRG

More information about this event can be found here

Archiving Population Geography

We are collecting and collating archives to be held at the RGS, and digitised as far as possible. In addition to safeguarding the records of the group, we have carried interviews with some of the prominent Population Geographers involved with the Research Group over the last 50 years. We look forward to sharing results of this project with you all at the RGS-IBG conference.

Timeline of PGRG

Through our exploration of the history of the Population Geography Research Group, we are building a timeline of key events. Watch this space for more…!

Careers from Population Geography

As part of our celebrations, we look forward to the next 50 years of thought, research and leadership from our emerging Population Geographers. In support, we are running an Early Career Workshop exploring careers from Population Geography. More details and information on how to register coming soon.

What is population geography?

Image Competition

As part of the celebrations, we launched a design competition with a partner school in Swansea. Young people were tasked to design an image that they felt best represents ‘Population Geography’. The competition had a panel of judges, with the final winner chosen by two artists, Pernille Spence and Sarah Tombs. These are renowned artists and we are very grateful for them giving their time to judge the competition.

The winning entry!

The competition was judge across three categories, and an overall winner selected from the winners of each category. Details of our winner can be found here. Watch this space as soon you will be able to see all of the excellent entries submitted.

Virtual Special Issue

Celebrating 50 years of Population Geography, we have looked back at articles published in the RGS-IBG journals, selecting key papers to bring together in a Virtual Special Issue. Publication date to be confirmed.